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Extra Accessories :-
Gathering Foot
Used for gathering fabrics. Ideal for clothing as well as home decor.
Works best on thin to medium weight fabrics.
For gathering:
1. Select a straight stitch, left needle position.
2. Increase the upper thread tension.
3. Place the fabric to be gathered under the presser foot.
4. Slide the fabric not to be gathered into the slit in the presser foot with the surface of the
    fabric facing down.
Stiching / Hemming Foot
Creates shell-looking edges on sheer and very lightweight fabrics.
1. Increase upper thread tension.
2. Place the fabric with the reverse side facing up under the presser foot.
3. Lower the needle into the fabric approximately 1/8 from the edge and sew 2-3 stitches.
4. Raise the needle and the presser foot.
5. Hold the fabric from the back and front and roll it into the curled part of the foot.
6. Position the edge of the fabric behind the needle and lower the presser foot.
7. Slowly sew 2-3 stitches, making sure the fabric is rolling around the curled part of the foot.
8. Continue to sew to the end of the fabric.
Pearls and Sequins Foot
Attaches threaded beads, sequins or rounded cords up to 4 mm in
size. Its wide groove also helps you to make or attach piping.
Also used for edge-stitching heavy fabric such as knits.
1. Adjust the upper thread tension.
2. Place threaded beads in groove of the foot.
3. Stitch in place using zigzag stitch with transparent thread.
Cording Foot
Used for embellishing 1 to 3 cords or
decorative threads. Perfect for couching!
1. Slip a cord from the right of the presser foot, and place each cord into
    each guide (to use single cord, use the center guide).
2. Place cord under the presser foot, and select zigzag
    stitch with maximum stitch width.

Pin Tuck Foot
This presser foot has 7 grooves and produces perfect pin tucks and
corded pin tucks using a twin needle on lightweight fabric. A specially
designed bobbin cover is also included with this presser foot.
1. Install and thread a twin needle.
2. Draw a reference line to guide your first row of stitching and use that
    to sew the first row in the center position.
3. Further rows can be evenly spaced by placing the completed row in one of the grooves.
4. Sew slowly for most consistent results.
Ruffler Foot
Makes ruffles with evenly spaced tucks and gathers. The ruffling
blade on the lower portion of the presser foot is moved forward, its
teeth catch a fabric and force it forward into gathers or tucks. The
intervals of tucks can be adjusted.
1. Adjust the amount of tuck or gather by trying different combinations of stitch length, tuck
setting and depth setting.
2. Use a stiff card to slide the fabric from left into the slot, and stitch slowly.
3. Move fabric about 2.5 cm (1) past the needle to get started.
1/4 Seam Foot
A popular foot with patchworkers for that essential 1/4 inch seam. The guide on the foot enables you to sew a perfect 1/4 inch seam every time. The guide can also be used wherever a 1/4 inch seam is called for but the markings on the needle plate cannot be used, such as when completing a flat seam.
Button Sewing Foot
Quick and easy button sewing with the special button sewing foot.
This foot has two bars that attach to the foot shank to provide extra
stability and also has a textured, rubber sleeve to hold the button
secrely in place while sewing.
Piping Foot
If ready made piping is not available or if you just want to make your own,
the piping foot is ideal for the job. The piping foot is designed with two grooves
on the underside and will hold and cover the cord when making piping tape.
It can also be used for attaching piping. Maximum cord size is 5 mm.
Flower Foot
The highly popular Flower Stitch Attachment has returned and is now available in a blister pack! Even when using sewing machines without a large number of stitches, this attachment will allow you to produce unique and pretty flower designs and also eyelets with ease.
Simply change the size of the circle and the stitch width and you can sew many kinds of flowers. Moreover, by combining different types of flowers, you can create your own unique designs.
Zipper Foot
This foot can be set to sew on each side of the zipper by adjusting
the position of the foot and tightening the thumb screw.
Also great for sewing close to piping.
Zig Zag Foot
The Zig-Zag Foot A comes standard on all Janome Sewing machines and is used for most utility sewing,
from straight stitch to zig-zag. The unique Black Leveling Button on the side will help you over the hump
when sewing over thick seams. The Zig-Zag Foot A is also called the
All-Purpose Foot or General Sewing Foot.
Twin Needles
Twin sewing needle great for giving a polished look to a hem.
Can also be used to top-stitch either side of a seam on stiff fabrics
to ensure that the seam lies flat.  We've also seen amazing decorative
stitches using a twin needle.
Pressure Foot Holder
Screw this adapter onto your low-shank machine and you will be able to use one of the many snap-on feet that are widely offered today. Quick release lever at rear allows snap-on foot to drop right off. Accommodates quilt guide as offered HERE. Also called a Presser Foot Holder.